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Cliveden House. A venue fit for a Princess

May 19, 2018

When I heard Megan Markle was staying at Cliveden House before her wedding, lots of memories came flooding back to a wedding I covered at Cliveden House back in 2013. 


Before I talk about Cliveden House, I just wanted to step back to appreciate how much my life has changed being a wedding photographer. I have met people on their happiest day, sharing their most intimate moments throughout their day. You may have a job, but being a wedding photographer is like being on an incredible high all day!


So, back to Cliveden. I remember driving my way there after the ceremony had been done elsewhere. I initially missed the gate to Cliveden House because my mind was in wedding mode, pre planning in my head and thinking about contingency plans in case things don't go to plan. 


Driving down that REALLY LONG drive towards the hotel was incredible; I was in awe of the building miles before I reached it!


Inside, the staff really go out of their way to treat you well. I was carrying my hefty camera case, and a staff member instantly rushed to help me; I declined her help, but I appreciated the offer. 


I scouted Cliveden House before the Bride and Groom arrived to look for shooting locations. Let's just say, there were lots; even deep into the late evening I was still discovering new places! Just a shame I didn't get the couple in those unique locations including a pool room and a wine cellar. 


The Royal Wedding was superb, I know everything thing was planned to the letter (I am like that). So Harry and Megan choosing Cliveden House was a no brainer!
























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