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Kris. My model, muse and inspiration.

May 12, 2018












" It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"


To say that Kris is photogenic would be an understatement, to say we have a complicated relationship would also be an understatement, that's not to say I don't love her as a kind sweet person, but I won't get into that. 


What I have been doing is giving a lot of thought into what I will write, and so I'll stick with photography.


When we played with the idea of doing shoots, I was at a time when my love (and I mean deep love) for photography was wavering. I was still shoot many things, I had projects planned but there was nothing organically creative that moved me. So Kris coming into my life was a mixture of luck and fate.


I have photographed people before, but Kris had never really done this type of "finding the light" shooting before. Let me clarify that term.  I know lighting to the ordinary photographer is an after thought, but to me it is everything, it is the most important thing, even more important that than Kris in this case (although she may give you a stern scowling for saying that).


Kris allowed me to challenge my lighting knowledge, I will admit there are gaps in my skill and equipment where I need to improve but until know I never had a patient model to really work with me to that detail. She was, as is, incredibly given in that regard.


So Kris is photogenic, patient and what else?


For an amateur, she is completely relaxed in front of a camera. I will say part of that is my job to make the subject relaxed and, dare I say it, I can get 99% of people to be comfortable being photographed. But Kris was only one of two amateur models who I could really let loose. She would provide shapes, curves and lines giving me a hundred choices to choose from; on those grounds she was a absolute joy to work with. 


Sometimes we would just be chatting about life (usually something dramatic) and Kris would completely let her guard down. Now I must say she was having a particularly shitty year, and our relationship was basically her therapy... but I digress. When she let her guard down her expression would shift from joy to vulnerability, it was then I had a choice; photograph that vulnerability or stop being a photographer and try to be a  good friend who listened.  I'll leave you to ponder which one I always chose. 


Anyway... through circumstances I do not wish to share her life has blossomed. She has found new a new love and is moving forward with fantastic determination. 


I sincerely doubt we will collaborate again, but for what it was I had a creative few months; now I'm looking for my next big project. 


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