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Why do I love my Audi TT so much?

March 31, 2018

 Bruce looking glorious in the sun


"Bruce?" is often the response when I casually talk about my 1999 Audi TT 180 Quattro car.


Yes, my car is called Bruce after an ex, who liked naming random things, named my TT; the name has stuck ever since. 


At the time of writing this, I have had Bruce since early 2002. I bought him from the Audi garage in Milton Keynes. It was my dream car and we have been inseparable ever since.  He is my most loyal of things in my life; yes he groans with joint pains, occasionally weird "mechanical noises" can be heard randomly, and the poor chap lacks the full set of horses he once had. But in all that time, he has become very much a part of my identity. 




Bruce has been my mode of transport to over 120 weddings, he has provided safety and shelter to hundreds of people I have lifted over the 16 years.  I have had incredible life changing conversations on the road with my passengers. We have toured most of England, countless shopping trips, saved me from danger.. the list goes on. And for an old machine, he still remains achingly beautiful in my eye. 



Now before you call me an idiot, I already know that!


So, I hope I have built a picture of why THAT Audi TT means so much to me, which leads me to why I am writing this blog post. A few days ago, through my own moronic actions, I let Bruce on the road without engine oil.  Now before you call me an idiot, I already know that! In my minor defense, the readouts on the dashboard had been flakey for a short while; lights would blink on and off randomly. So when the oil warning light came on, I immediately check the oil levels which were fine! It wasn't until I broke down outside Hemel Hempstead that I was told the engine had seized because there was no oil pressure, not because there was no oil in the engine. 




The AA have since taken Bruce to an AA approved garage in Hemel Hempstead waiting to be checked to see what work needs to be done. 


So I am already saddened by all this already. I told my friends what have happened, and unequivocally they have all told me "it is time to get rid of the car". I humour them, because logically they are right, but what is infuriating is they just keep telling me that over and over again. They mean well, but I am annoyed to the point of now ignoring them and just do my own thing. Like a pouting child I will no longer discuss any matters regarding Bruce ever again, because they simple do not get it!


To part with Bruce would be like asking Solo to part with his Falcon!


That Audi TT, that Bruce almighty, has been with me longer than anything else I have ever cherished and loved in my life. To part with Bruce would be like asking Solo to part with his Falcon! (#starwars). Han Solo is synonymous with the Millenium Falcon; Bruce and I have that very same relationship. I have lost the number of times I have said to Bruce "Come on baby, hold together!". 


One day, I will have to let Bruce go, but it is not the time. I will fight for Bruce as he has fought for me on very long journeys. 


So... to all those other Audi TT Mark 1 lovers out there, stand with me to fight this underrated car. Share your stories with me, let us be united in the love for our Audi TT. 



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