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Popcorn, my one eyed cat. Pet Photography

February 27, 2018

Being the pet of a photography means one thing is certain.. that pet will be photographed ALOT! 


I am blessed twice, first with my ginger cat I found in 2010 I called Toffee. And on August 2017 I met "Wilson" as he was known then at my local RSPCA animal shelter in Buckinghamshire. 



Toffee is without doubt very special to me; there is no division of love between Toffee and Pops, but Toffee is a typical cat, he just wants to sleep and generally be left alone. Pops is a very different cat. He loves to follow me everywhere around the house, he'll get between my legs, loves to snuggle with me when I'm in bed and generally be nuisance whenever I'm trying to get work done on the computer!




 A cat that keeps giving me the eye!

I've always loved animals, but it wasn't until I had Toffee that I realized how much a pet can really enrich one's life. They say pets became "part" of the family, to me Pops and Toffee are my family. So as you can image, I used every camera and lens at my disposal to photograph these beautiful creatures.


I would always consider Toffee the 'pretty' one because of his long ginger hair. He's a little lion to me. But when Pops looks at me with his one eye, he melts me every time. 


Pops has had a tough beginning, he lost his eye because of neglect and catching cat flu. He always seeks attention and I will mostly give it to him. When I photograph him, I saw a once lost little soul who has become my responsibility to give him a full and loving life. 










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