Portrait Photographer, Wedding Photographer and Pet Photographer based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

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Great Photography...with unique perspectives

Established in 2009, Pow Pow Pictures was conceived out of a creative obsession to seize unique moments in life using Photography as the medium. Great Photography require tenacity, patience and a keen vision of the surroundings. . Pow Pow Pictures captures great moments with always the vision to see things differently.


Pow Pow Pictures cover most types of photography; family portraits, maternity shoots, newborn photography, fashion shoots, business photography and of course wedding photography.

Portrait photography is one of the specialties of Pow Pow Pictures. Portrait photography is an intimate experience between photographer and subject. A bond and trust is deliberately built so the creativity can beautiful photography can grow.  I treasure the harmony between photographer and model, child, teen, business person or pet! Portrait Photography is incredibly diverse and immensely rewarding. 

I am always told "I don't like being photographed" or "I'm not comfortable in front of a camera". If I had a Pound for every time someone said that I'd be be able to buy a very nice camera lens! :-) Every client has always been satisfied with the results, some have been incredibly happy and there are some that have been so moved by the TRUE PHOTOGRAPH of themselves they actually cry tears of joy!

Pow Pow Pictures has immortalized children in family photos, mature couples in their wedding anniversary photos, engaged couples in pre wedding shoots as part of their wedding photo package, blonde "pests" (more on that later), sassy brunettes, cats, dogs and even a rabbit! The more diverse the better for my mind!

As a portrait photographer I have helped families take some of their last photos together, using the powers of photographer I have helped people honour the final days of their beloved pets. These people have helped me grow as a human being in more than they can ever realise...

Pet Photography For That Really Special Someone In Your Life!

If you are anything like me about pets, then you must know how important our furry friends are to us; your friends may not understand it, your partner may look at you oddly as you have conversations with your dog, or your work colleagues may question your sanity as you cover your desk with photos of your kitty! But you don't care, you love your pet more than most humans!


Trust me, I get it. Pet Photography is not only something I enjoy, I literally melt whenever I meet a pet! Some people love babies.. me, I love cats, dogs, gerbils, rabbits, birds and snakes (which I've yet to have in my studio!). 

My favourite setup for pet photography is with the owner. I love seeing the bond between furball and human. More often than not, the pet is wondering what all the fuss about! It seems Pet Photography is not something high on a agenda of a pet!

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