The Wedding Photographer’s Gallery

Every wedding is special and unique. Every Bride and Groom make great effort to get every detail matter and count. Some elements may seem trivial in day to day life, but just once you want things to be… perfect.  So would it makes sense to find a wedding photographer who understand these details, a photographer who will work hard to note every design and every arrangement. Surely the wedding photographer must be more than just a “snapper” of the day? You are right; the wedding photographer must articulate what your day means to you in pictures.

It is unfortunate that in this day and age of phone cameras and affordable SLR cameras that some couples cannot see the value in photos that matter. Quite frankly we’re not interested in those people.

We are interested in Brides and Groom who are willing to go that little bit extra, to stretch a little bit further knowing their amazing day is fully fulfilled and captured by wedding photographers who simply “get it”.  Pow Pow Pictures certainly does not frown upon any wedding, but we do like couples are a extra special when it comes to photos. Their Wedding Photographer is someone who remains in the background, their Wedding Photographer is adaptable and quick thinking, the wedding couple will make time for their Wedding Photographer as they understand their photos will be extraordinary because they made it so.

The truth is a Wedding Photographer is not a magician, they cannot cast spells to make the perfect day. Great wedding photography comes from one, planning. two, collaboration and three, hard work! Are you willing to play your part in immortalizing your wedding? If so, contact us now. [email protected]

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