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“If music be the food of love, play on, ” ― William Shakespeare

It is one of the most famous Shakespeare quotes about music and the great man expressed it perfectly. Music is so ingrained in all our lives; we dance to music, we cry to music and we often play music when our beloved bury us (sorry, that wasn’t very cheery).

I wanted to put in your mind how important music is to life and to me; I express my appreciation by photographing those who play for me. Music photography is the ultimate marriage of imagery and sound.

All of these photos have a special place in my life. I become deeply involved with all those who put their soul out there. My job is simply to capture that soul. I have made many friends through music photography which, I humbly hope, is a testament to my work.

If you have a band, gig or festival and need a very passionate photographer to photograph it for you (please don’t let amateurs do it), then email me using [email protected] or contact me via my Facebook page,

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