Remembrance Day in Aylesbury 2017

November 12th, 2017|Events|

Remembrance Day in Aylesbury came around again. I made my way into the town center around 10am. People were already forming packs in preparation for the ceremony. It is, and always will be, a sombre day. Most of us will never know what was like and I pray we never will experience that level of [...]


The Bon Jovi Experience Live in the Park, Aylesbury

August 27th, 2017|Events, music, Photography|

Headlining Aylesbury's Live in the Park 2017 was a tribute act called The Bon Jovi Experience. Allow me to say that I am a HUGE Bon Jovi fan, especially albums from the 80's through to the early 2000's. I mention this because I was a little skeptical about the Bon Jovi Experience; would they sing [...]


Oxford Pride parade. 6th June 2015

June 7th, 2015|Events, Photography|

I was in Oxford yesterday photographing a family. They wanted me to capture some special moments of a special time. More on that later. After I had finished, I walked back down to Oxford City centre. I wasn't expecting to capture anything special, but I don't go to Oxford often so I took this opportunity [...]


MCM London Comic Con video 2014

October 31st, 2014|Cosplay, Events|

Hey  folks, it is literally All Hallows' Eve (or Halloween to the normal folks) but because I've got a stinking cold I'm stuck at home, so I decided to be a bit productive and finally get round to finishing off the MCM Cosplay video I started a few days ago. It's not up to Sneaky Zebra's [...]


The Joker cosplay at LFCCW

October 23rd, 2014|Cosplay, Events|

"He's a man I can understand" "My point is the Joker exists a little in all of us, especially me. " The Green Goblin, The Red Skull, Dr Doom and Magneto; all of  whom are classic super baddies all with their twisted agenda to conquer or kill something, but with the possible exception of Doomsday, [...]


Call of Duty Ghost Cosplay. LFCCW 2014, London Film and Comic con

October 22nd, 2014|Events|

Hey folks, just a quick post about my latest little project. Whilst going through my photos from the weekends London Film and Comic Con Winter, or LFCCW for short, I was attracted to a two cosplayers who were decked out in military gear. Then very quickly it hit me...Call of Duty Ghost Cosplay. I'm definitely [...]


LFCCW. London Film and Comic Con Winter photos 2014

October 18th, 2014|Events, Photography|

So this was only my second ever Con so expectations were high however initially my enthusiasm was damped because there didn't seem to be as many CosPlayers this time around. LFCC summer was absolutely heaving with costumes but I had a damaged foot so limited manoeuvrability.  But this time, even though I was fighting fit, [...]


Dr Who cosplay, Dominic Greenwood

October 12th, 2014|Events|

When I first saw Dominic he seemed unassuming and quiet. I had a bit of doubt if he would be comfortable in front of my camera. But once again this cosplayer radically surprised me. When I asked him to be the Doctor his whole stance and posture changed, it was as if the Timelord himself spoke [...]


Aylesbury’s SuperHero 5k fun run photos

October 12th, 2014|Events, Photography|

Not all small towns are the same, when people think of Aylesbury in the heart of Buckinghamshire they might think it's just another ordinary town with a huge Tesco, inadequate car parking and scattered parks. But for a long time I believe Aylesbury is trying to be more than a sum of it's shopping centres; [...]