Keeping the faith

" about being tested over and over again" There is a wide misconception that being a Christian is a role about judging others, steeped in unrequested preaching and uncompromising religion. There is more than that though; being under the gaze of a deity is about being tested over and over again which brings me to this family. [...]

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Aylesbury SoapBox Derby 2017 on Fathers Day!

Hot cars in the summer sun Before I begin, I must congratulation Aylesbury Town Council for their community programme; ATC really try hard setting up project that financially make a loss, but brings the people of Aylesbury together. So whoever runs their community projects, I applaud you! This is the first year Pow Pow Pictures [...]

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Classic Cars meetup group

Once a month throughout the British sumer, the Harte and Magpies pub hosts the South Bucks Classic Cars and Bike Meet. I discovered this meet by being a member of the Penn Photography group who invited me to go along and photograph these classic cars. It was a lovely evening and I will certainly [...]

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Photographing Liverpool.

I love Liverpool The last time I visited Liverpool I was visiting a friend. I arrived at night and we went out at night to hit a few pubs. In the morning I was hung over and went home so you could say I didn't really "see" Liverpool at all. So in my little tour [...]

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Photographing Stonehenge with a different perspective

Stonehenge is one of those mysteries that will be discussed for years, but something that won't be a mystery is the number of time it has been photographed. I'll confess, I was not inspired to photography Stonehenge; it is the history that is interesting. So I set myself a challenge to photograph Stonehenge with the [...]

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A photographer visits St Ives, Cornwall

I took some time off to visit some of the best attractions England has to offer starting with St Ives. Located at the very far south west of England, it has become a world famous destination for many travellers; once you see it you will also succumb to its charm. Because of the short schedule, [...]

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MCM Comic Con 2017 Photos

On a CosPlay mission Another year, another comic con. This time it was different. I was on a mission to photograph as many cosplayers a possible. I'll be honest in that I did photography many cosplayers at MCM Comic Con but not all made the cut for various reasons; some photos were technically flawed, others [...]

May 27th, 2017|Photography|1 Comment

The perfect photo of late actor Bill Paxton

This is a beautiful photo. Not only because of the late great Bill Paxton, but because the photographer created a natural atmosphere. The photographer didn’t try to stage the actor because he’s well known to be a down to watch, blue collar guy; so with the casual folded arms rested on a jacket that’s slung on [...]

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An Aylesbury Sunrise

When I text a friend "Would you like to join me for afternoon tea tomorrow?" I don't expect the reply to be "I'd love a frosty walk with my camera...". She's done this to me before, but that's another story. So after a very quick chat Friday night, she picks me up at 7.30am. The [...]

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