The Red Bullets 10th Anniversary Celebration.

How I met The Red Bullets

Every once in a while, I meet an extraordinary person who I respect and admire creatively, and in return that person feels the same way. Nine years ago I met a chap by the name of Pete Edwards.

It was 2008 in a pub called the King’s Head in Aylesbury. Pete brought his band, The Red Bullets, to play a live session outside in the courtyard. I remember the lighting was poor and the acoustics wasn’t good. However I do recall Pete and his band really nailing their songs. I have been a fan ever since.

Fast forward to October 2017, and The Red Bullets hit their ten year anniversary and so naturally Pete organised a party!

Mood Changer

Before leaving for the gig at the Mitre Pub in Buckingham I was in a weird mood (some personal stuff I’m dealing with). I really wanted to just watch a movie at home, I was not really in the mood to photograph an event I was not getting paid for. But I’m a professional, I had to set my personal temperament aside and commit to the gig.

When I arrived at the Mitre Pub there was a queue outside of 20-30 people. I allowed myself a heavy sigh; I did not want to queue to get in! I explained to the bouncer who I am and without argument he let me in without any problems.

Once in the opening act, The Straight Laces, was already in full flow. I quickly said hello to Pete and got to work. Now, one thing I will say is I HATE CROWDS while working. From the back I had to wiggle my way to the front so I could do my job; thankfully the crowd at the Mitre are very understanding and accommodated me without any issues… my mood was improving! I fired some quick shots of The Straight Laces just to get my mojo warmed up for the main event.

Finally, after seven years…

When Pete introduced the band the crowd went absolutely nuts. Every song was received with dancing, jumping and screams; I could tell the Bullets were playing to loving audience. But there were whispers of an original line up reunion which was very exciting.

The reunion rumours were true. I spotted Kyle just standing by himself enjoying the show. I got a cheeky photo of him just standing there, nobody chatting to him, almost invisible. I spotted me and came over to say hello. He told me he’s doing well, a new single was coming out soon and was simply loving life.. what more could one ask for?

In the second set Pete introduce some ‘old friends’. The noise from the Mitre was literally deafening! The crowd completely lost control and chanted “Wheeler!! Wheeler!! Wheeler!”, then “Kyle!!! Kyle!! Kyle!!” at a volume which I can only describe as unnatural as Kyle and Mark joined Pete and Mark (Edwards) on stage.

The lads busted out three songs together. There is chance that this could be the last time the boys play together on stage so for me, it was brought back so many fond memories of their gigs in The Kings Head, Devon, Buckingham, Silverstone and The Stables.

I have followed many bands in the past, a few I am friends with still. But Pete has always been respectful of my craft and has recommended my photography on many occasions. So to see him and The (original) Red Bullets possibly play for one last time was poignant.  I hope my photos do the lads justice for that night.

To view all my photos from that night, please visit my Facebook album by clicking here

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