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Sigma 105mm Macro Lens

sigma 105mm macro lens

It was an unusually warm September Saturday where I invited a friend out to go on a photo walk; that’s just a fancy name for photographers going on a nature walk. In particular, I taught her how to use the Sigma 105mm Macro lens which is a unique tool in my Canon collection. No other camera in my bag can bring such level of tiny detail to my photos.

In truth I had not used my Sigma 105mm Macro lens for sometime as I do not think I use its potential often; but as it turned out I did use its lens quality for a photo shoot recently which created some ultra sharp results, but I digress.

I was happy to hand over my Canon 6D and Sigma 105mm Macro lens to my friend as I think its a moral duty to share toys with people who may never be exposed to such tools; as of today this lens costs £380 on Amazon (check out this link to buy it from Amazon). With a bit of guidance, and some foundation training from myself, my friend adapted to it’s abilities very quickly. In fact, she spotted objects in the micro world that my old eyes simply passed by!

With exception of the a few of the photos on this blog post, the majority of these photos were taken by her! I was so impressed that I had to share them with you.

That being said, she is a fast learning and listens to me ‘most’ of the time.  She knows how to compose shots and understands some of the features of a modern DSLR camera. If you want to learn how to shoot like a pro, then find out more about my 1-1 photography lessons on this link.

So would I recommend the Sigma 105mm Macro lens? Absolutely, it’s far cheaper than Canon’s own offering but at a fraction of the price.

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