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The first Aylesbury Comic Con

When I first heard Aylesbury Comic Con was actually going to be an event I was excited; this was an opportunity to release my inner g33k. As it turns out, I am not geeky enough!

Some folks like to criticize and mock Aylesbury, but if they really opened their eyes they would witness a community trying to integrate. A small Buckinghamshire town with lofty ambitions to make a mark in the world. Aylesbury Council should be applauded for the regeneration programe it has executed over the past decade; the Waterside Theatre, the Odeon Cinema complex and connecting restaurants. Aylesbury is aiming high!

This brings me to Aylesbury Comic Con. I consider myself a bit of a veteran of comic cons having been to a dozen over the years, with my very first one meeting Terry Pratchett, Walter Koenig, Patrick Stewart and Simon Pegg. That was quite a day! That being said I had low, but realistic, expectations of Aylesbury Comic Con. It was small, compact and organizers really made efforts to bring some ‘business’ in this world called ‘Show’.

Waterside Theatre was transformed into a modest room of vendors selling most things you could think of at a con. And that would be my main criticism; that after 2 hours there I had seen pretty much all I could see. It felt more like a trade show than an entertainment gathering. The lovely people who turned up for cosplay were a wonderful attraction, they made the Aylesbury Comic Con feel something special.

There were some events happening, but I felt there was too much focus on the merchandise stalls. I would have split the vendors all over the Waterside, and have the main hall hold the events. There was a huge disconnect between people browsing around for paraphernalia and some really unique audience participation at the back of the theatre.

Overall though, I had an entertaining enough two hours on a Sunday afternoon. I really hope the organizers see some positive feedback from the two day event and hold another one next year.

Until then.. EXCELSIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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