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Keeping the faith

“…is about being tested over and over again”

There is a wide misconception that being a Christian is a role about judging others, steeped in unrequested preaching and uncompromising religion. There is more than that though; being under the gaze of a deity is about being tested over and over again which brings me to this family.

We have known of each other for many years but we would not say we were close, yet a few weeks ago she asked if I could capture some timeless moments of her family which I dutifully obliged; she did offer to pay but I would not accept (a personal test considering this financial climate).

“She taught me faith is love, and love is faith”

Now I could spout platitudes about the shoot being fun, creative etc, but it was a connection of sorts. She was able to show me what being a follower of Christ was…it was about faith. It has always been about faith yet we try to distort and abuse a concept which we believe to be something else. It is about holding on to the core of belief, it is about finding that tether of life so you can hold on to it when shit pulls you down. My friend told me this without saying a word about it. She taught me faith is love, and love is faith.

The truth is I do not know her entire story, nor do I care to without it turning into an invasion of privacy. But like the photoshoot with my dying friend Tina, it will be a shoot that I’ll never forget.

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