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Photographing Lego Stormtroopers

“A little short to be a Lego Stormtrooper?”

In my photography career I have tackled demanding clients, we have taken 40 group shots in 40 minutes, I tackled the blazing heat of Portugal and Australia but I have never shot the dark side (unless you consider using Nikons the dark side) and my first encounter with the Empire is with ten Lego Stormtroopers!


Now before you turn away, in a recent poll, Lego is as popular with adults as they are with children. In fact many collectible sets are financially beyond the reach of children and some adults. So, let’s say Lego is cool and move on.


Star War Stormtroopers are just as iconic as Vader, Skywalker and Solo (if you don’t know who they are, I question your lifestyle!). So when I saw 10 Lego Stormtroopers for sale online I jumped the chance.

More than Vader, Skywalker and Solo having a uniformed set of figures adds a new dimension to my photos; they can be a team! It’s fun posing these Lego Stormtroopers to do some creative scenes;  I have only had these Stormtroopers for less than a day and I’m already setting them up for shoots. Subsequently I can also have fun with lighting which is literally my favourite part of photography!!


I have so many ideas with these Lego Stormtroopers many include recreating famous locations from the original trilogy; fans will know Stormtroopers only appear in Star Wars Episodes four, five and six.


Even though these Lego Stormtroopers are classified as toys, the level of consistent detail is impressive; consequently it means any Stormtrooper can be placed anywhere in the scene.


I literally received these Lego Stormtroopers this morning and I’m having way too much fun I almost feel guilty! None of my friends are impressed but that’s okay, I’m too happy to take notice, not that I take much notice anyway 🙂


That’s it for now, I am just very excited to have these figures to shoot with. I’m a bit too old to be playing with them, they are for collecting and as props. But that doesn’t mean I won’t recreate the odd scene like a kid lost in his imagination far far away…

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